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Re: [platform-swt-dev] multiple swtBrowsers don't increase the throughput?

Browser controls in separate processes should not affect each other directly.  However perhaps there is contention amongst their shared resources?  For example, they would likely all be accessing the same user profile area for writing cache data, etc., so an instance accessing the profile could temporarily block others needing to access it.  Another example is that your internet connection could just be saturated from the various instances all pulling data at the same time.  I don't know if these suggestions disprove that your implementation is doing something wrong, but I think it's safe to suggest that you may be hitting a limit that you won't be able to work around programmatically.


From:        Yuhan Zhang <yzhang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        12/02/2011 09:59 PM
Subject:        [platform-swt-dev] multiple swtBrowsers don't increase the        throughput?
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Hi all,

I'm using SwtBrowser to load html pages in a loop, each page is given 10 seconds of time to load.
I'd like to increase the throughput by adding additional SwtBrowsers, each of which resides in a different
process (and is assigned with a different Xvfb screen buffer).

I have 5 processes running. supposedly  it would be a lot faster. However, it looks like the total throughput
stays around the request period, as urls are processed at about a 10 seconds period. It makes me feel that
one browser is blocking the others when it is at work and cannot load two urls in parallel (shouldn't be a
thread issue, as they live in different processes). Is this true? or it is more likely that I did something wrong?

Thank you.

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