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[platform-swt-dev] Drag-n-drop implementation in a Canvas


I'm currently working on a widget for one of my project. The widget may be used to display events in a calendar (Ã la Outlook). I'm now looking to implement drag and drop support for the widget. As I see it, DragSource and DropTarget may work just fine between two widgets, but within the same widget it's a big hard to display visual effect.-

Here what I want to happenÂduringÂthe drag-n-drop :
1. When an item is drag, I want to hide the item and display it new schedule in the calendar.

2. When the user drag the bottom of the item, I want to resize the item and not moving it.

The effect I want to achieve is very similar to moving shapes orÂre-sizingÂin inkscape or illustrator.

May you have suggestions to implement this in a SWT style ? Examples are welcome.

Patrik Dufresne