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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Old topic: windows theme again

BTW, my application not special,
If you ask for the demo, any of SWT snippets should same. I tried some
snippets, really strange.


2010/10/8 åé <fyaoxy@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> Long time not play swt, OK, it surprised me.
> My encounter some intresting and funny:
> Run a swt application in jdk7, with eclipse 3.7M2, the UI ugly king
> back:) it really surprised me.
> so I switch to eclipse 3.6, still. manifest? should not, Âswt.i.OS
> force load the theme. so why?
> and wait, I have jdk6, hah:) OK, the application run in java6, it works fine.
> But wait again, the eclipse self works fine in both jdk.
> Does anyone know some secrets about this? through seems google say the
> world still fine
> èæ
> åé