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[platform-swt-dev] SWT web automation framework: XPath support, simulated key sending on IE/Windows/Firefox

Dear All:

As we speak, I am uploading a version that supports:
* XPath
* simulated keystrokes (even with browser window closed) to browser window

I have added conformance tests for keys as well, which clearly show that two approaches are required:
i) Display.post on Windows/IE (recording and refiring keyEvents does not work)
ii) Firing Javascript events on Firefox

I have implemented now, in org.eclipse.swt.browser.webdriver.test.All, _both_ examples from

I believe that, besides:
i) some more careful Javadocs
ii) careful testing on Mac

the framework is done for my needs. Please feel free to send suggestions/comments if you have any feature ideas/requests/etc.

Thank you!