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[platform-swt-dev] Announcing new release of SWT Web Automation Framework

Dear All:

Please bear with me as I release a new version of the SWT Web Automation Framework at 
now licensed under EPL v1. I would still like to contribute the parts of the framework that are in my
classes back to the SWT project if possible.

Just to remind, this is a cross-platform solution that allows:
* end user web automation applications
* with the ability (that SWT provides) to hide the browser from the user

You will find on the Web site, additionally, a sample application (Facebook Birthday Greeter), as well as a Web Automation Framework

Notably, the big change from the previous version is that I use NekoHTML to actually parse a DOM structure for the given document. This allows some additional capabilities not present in the prior version, specifically the use of XPath expression querying.

Additionally, it makes the methodology somewhat neater, and, as you can see by the Web Automation Framework Tester tool (which, I have to
say, simulates to some extent the Firebug Firefox Extension - and thank you to Grant Gayed on the SWT forums for all your help.

There is much to be done on the back end side. Roughly, to keep a consistent API, I am following that of WebDriver
although, as you can see, there are additional features that are not present there.

In any case, I still have much work to do. I have implemented the examples from WebDriver in org.eclipse.swt.browser.webdriver.Test

Additionally, although some keystrokes are still sent incorrectly (e.g., "!"), one really neat thing is that we can even send keystrokes correctly to Internet Explorer with the window _not visible_, which is impossible both using Javascript (I did not find a method to simulate keystrokes that worked well on Internet Explorer) and using WebDriver (as it is impossible to hide the IE window).

In any case, I look forward to your comments/support/encouragement etc.

Thank you!


p.s. There are some known problems right, especially with detecting mouse move events in the Tester in Windows IE. I will work on fixing this. Thank you!