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Re: [platform-swt-dev] inefficient TreeItem

Please ask user questions on the newsgroup. What you want is a
virtual-tree where items are only created when scrolled into view.


Am 19.04.10 14:12, schrieb Tech Id:
> Hi,
> I was planning to use the SWT Tree for showing some amount of data (not
> huge, but big amount).
> I have to parse a file and create item for each token.
> The biggest file I have is having 40k tokens.
> While parsing the file for tokens (some small string processing
> algorithm) happens within 2 seconds, creating 40k itmes takes around 40
> seconds!!!
> I understand that creating a TreeItem is definitely lot more work than
> parsing a token, but still.
> Can it not be made faster such that all 40k items are made within 5 seconds?
> (Maybe some kind of delayed painting of items (not creation) would help.
> Any Ideas?)
> I use the following line of code to create the TreeItem:
>     TreeItem tree_item = new TreeItem (tree, SWT.NONE);
> Regards
> Techieeee
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