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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Does SWT cocoa need -XstartOnFirstThread ?

On 5/26/09 8:23 AM, "Ben Staniford" <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've just tried to get the application I work on to run with JDK1.6 and the 64
> bit Cocoa SWT library on MacOSX.  However, when I ran it, the GUI just hung in
> a horrible half running state.
> It looked like previous problems I'd experienced with the Carbon library, to
> do with the GUI event loop needing to run on Thread-0.  With the carbon
> library it was possible to specify -XstartOnFirstThread to ensure that the GUI
> stuff was handled by thread 0, but with the cocoa library that option doesn't
> seem to make any difference.

Yes, you will still need -XstartOnFirstThread in Cocoa.  Are you mixing AWT
and SWT in your application? I'm concerned that the AWT may not be coping
with the SWT now being a Cocoa application.

Let's rule that out before debugging things any further.

-- Scott K.