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Re: [platform-swt-dev] RC1 Test Pass

Title: Re: [platform-swt-dev] RC1 Test Pass
The testing I was able to do today showed no new problems on Cocoa x86 or x86_64.

-- Scott

On 5/11/09 2:11 PM, "Kevin Barnes" <krbarnes@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tuesday is the RC1 test pass.
Here are the assigned platforms. Please use the latest build available to you and include the build id when you file a bug.

Praveen Innamuri: gtk.linux.x86, carbon
Lakshmi Shanmugam: win32.x86(XP), cocoa.x86_64
Carolyn MacLeod: cocoa.ppc, gtk.linux.x86, motif.linux.x86
Scott Kovatch: cocoa.x86, cocoa.x86_64
Felipe Heidrich: win32.x86(XP), gtk.linux.x86_64, win32.x86_64
Silenio Quarti: cocoa.x86, cocoa.x86_64
Kevin Barnes: gtk.solaris.x86, gtk.linux.ppc, gtk.solaris.sparc
Grant Gayed: carbon, win32.x86(Vista)
Bogdan Gheorghe: motif.hpux.ia64_32, motif.aix.ppc
Steve Northover: win32.x86(XP)