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Re: [platform-swt-dev] OpenGL sample code?

Hi Scott,

My application ShareMedia uses the GLCanvas with LWJGL with textured objects.
My GLData is set up with doubleBuffer and depthSize.
From your mail, this is probably not what you're looking for, but I can test if you think it can help.


Le 14 janv. 09 à 19:49, Scott Kovatch a écrit :


I have the GLCanvas up and running in the Cocoa port with the pixel format options implemented, and the LWJGL and JOGL examples both run successfully.

Before I check it in, though, I'd like to do some kind of validation that my pixel format implementation is correct, since the NSOpenGLPixelFormat treat the color sizes differently than AGL did.

I may end up throwing the question out to the larger newsgroups, but does anyone on this list have a real-world example of using the GLCanvas with custom GLData? I'm sure I can concoct my own example from the snippet but I don't know how I would verify that my changes were correct.

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