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[platform-swt-dev] Image too large - no more handles

I'm trying to print a table by first drawing an image of the whole table and then copy sections of the images on a page to print it.  All of this works relatively ok.  But I'm finding how that if my table becomes big enough, i get the error of "no more handles" when creating the image.  I looked at the source and there seems to be a problem with creating large bitmaps in windows and a work around was implemented.  Is there a way to know if I'm running into a situation where the work around isn't working?  or if anyone else has a better way to print a multi-page print job w/o using a temp image?

My code is basically:

Create image;
Draw table on image;
find out total number of pages need to print image;
  copy pageBounds area of image to the printer's gc
  printer endPage