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[platform-swt-dev] What is OS.JNIGetObject for in SWT Cococa?


I'm porting SWT Cocoa to the D programming language and I have some problems with a few methods.
The question I guess is what are the following methods for and how to they all fit together:

OS. JNIGetObject


Both in NSControl and some other classes.

I guess that NewGlobalRef and DeleteGlobalRef are JNI API functions. The only thing OS. JNIGetObject seems to do is casting a number to an Object. It seems that SWT are keeping track of all/some (native/cocoa?)objects and mapping them to a number.

If SWT are in full control of setting and getting the numbers/tags then I guess I could have a data structure and store all the numbers and objects in. Then OS.NewGlobalRef, OS.DeleteGlobalRef and OS. JNIGetObject would work against the data structure and inserting, getting and deleting objects.