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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Cocoa Accessibility update

Thanks Scott!  As soon as you commit, we will do a quick test pass.

We are racing towards cocoa being usable for Eclipse 3.5 M3 and could use your help.  It is an unstructured task, simply running the cocoa port and getting to the bottom of the worst problems until the port is usable.  Do you think you will be available to help?

Scott Kovatch <skovatch@xxxxxxxxx>
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10/09/2008 12:46 PM

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[platform-swt-dev] Cocoa Accessibility update


I¹ve been corresponding with Carolyn, but I thought I¹d post an update here
on Cocoa accessibility.

Accessibility is taking shape very nicely. Cocoa is much more complete when
it comes to default behavior for properties, so I was able to remove a fair
amount of custom code.  There were a few places I needed to override for
things like Text controls, which use an NSTextField vs. NSTextView. I'm
going over the standard controls today.

As for custom controls, this turned out to be harder than I first thought.
But, I'm happy to report I think I've nailed it pretty well.  I have the
CTabFolder and CCombo examples working, and StyledText is working but all of
the properties aren't complete yet.

The main difference is that there's no AXUIElement construct in Cocoa.
Instead you have to implement the NSAccessibility protocol, which means more
method implementations to add to Widgets, plus a new internal class that
implements NSAccessibility for handling the lightweight children.

I also discovered the Accessibility Verifier app, which analyzes a running
application and tells you which expected properties you aren't reporting,
which ones are reported but have no value, and other things like
parent/child relationships.  It revealed a lot of problems, so I've been
tackling that this week.

I hope to commit it all on Friday, but now it's looking like next week.  I'm
also going to be needed for some Thermo work, but I'm hoping to hold that
off until this is done.

Scott K.

Scott Kovatch
Flex Engineering
Adobe Systems, Inc.

I am Scott Kovatch, and I approved this message.

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