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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Drag and drop update

Thanks Scott.  I looked through the code quicky for leaks etc. and it looked good.  I'm getting Duong to run it and test it a bit.  I'm very happy!

A couple of very small style points.  As we are on the bottom of the tool stack, we import * rather than each individual class (Eclipse preferences can be set to do this).  Also, in a comment, we would never use the word "snarf" (although there is nothing really wrong with it as far as I can see).

Here's the story:  Years ago, I used to have fun writing comments in code.  If you've ever heard of the term "cheese" for pixel corruption, that's mine.  In any case, each time before we shipped, my source was grep'd and some person who didn't share my sense of humour made me take things out and reword stuff.  After a few iterations of this (and the time that it wasted, both mine and the reviewer), I vowed "never again".  The result was ... well, boring software, but all software is boring in some sense.  The upside was that I never had to ask the question, "Is there anything bad in the comments in the code".

So, what do you think?  Like many things, it's defacto SWT policy to be really formal in comments, even avoiding the word "I".

P.S.  Now I am the guy grep'ing the code.

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09/24/2008 05:05 PM

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[platform-swt-dev] Drag and drop update

Hi there,

Once CVS starts cooperating a bit more, I plan to check in the DND work for Cocoa. Hereâs where it stands:

-- I compared against the Carbon version and verified that the identical stream of events and data are generated in the DNDExample for all controls in the example.
-- HTML, RTF, Text, and URLTransfers continue to work as they did before. I cleaned up URLTransfer a bit so it encodes the string in javaToNative to be something that URLWithString will accept.
-- Key modifiers change the cursor image as discussed earlier on the list, and follow Cocoa conventions. Itâs only in the 32-bit version; not sure what we will do in 64-bit yet, but weâre not the only ones in this situation.
-- Caller-provided images for the drag should be working; I had to fake this a bit to test it. When I have some time Iâll modify the DND example to allow for testing a custom image in the drag.

At this point Iâm aware of only one known problem. Cocoa apps donât have a way to provide a list of files to the Finder using HFSFlavors like you have in Carbon. Instead, you place an NSArray of file names on the dragging clipboard with a flavor of NSFilenamesPboardType. Other Cocoa-based apps can understand that format, and I verified it works, but the Finder and other Carbon apps do not, so they donât recognize the drag data. I donât know what functionality is expected of FileTransfer across platforms, so I donât know if the Carbon behavior was accidental or deliberate. Cocoa lets you do HFS promise file drags, but I donât think thatâs the same thing. Iâll do what I can to follow up with folks at Apple.

I have to tend to some problems on my main project, so it may be a day or two before I move on to something new. Unless you want me to look at something else, I can start trying to understand accessibility.


Scott Kovatch
Flex Engineering
Adobe Systems, Inc.


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