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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Passing Objects in SWT Commands & Testing them

This question would be better asked on the eclipse.platform newgroup.
Command and Handlers are not provided by swt and there's unlikely to be anyone watching this list that can give you a solid answer to your question.

Kevin Barnes

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[platform-swt-dev] Passing Objects in SWT Commands & Testing them

We're using eclipse RCP 3.3 and are making heavy use of the newer
command/handlers. I have 2 questions

1. It appears that everything you pass around in eclipse is String based?
What is the reasoning behind that? Is there any way I can pass Java objects
to my handlers instead apart from passing strings to use for lookups using a
3rd party object?

2. The more we develop the more things end up in our plugin's plugin.xml
file? What strategies are people using to test that this file is wired up
correctly? It seems awfully easy to break things in this file and without
tests we don't catch it. I'm looking for any pointers here to push me in the
right direction.

Also, for testing, we have our handlers etc.. broken out into separate
classes for testability purposes. However, we find they are still using
certain Singleton classes such as PlatformUI and HandlerUtil. Do people tend
to mock these out using a custom object to ensure their handlers are

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