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[platform-swt-dev] SWT-Cocoa: some StyledText fixes and Drawer implementation


I'm developing an application based on SWT-Cocoa. Currently I'm
focused on a StyledText-based text editor.

I've found some problems with this control and would like to
contribute some code related to it. You can find the following patches
in the Bugzilla:


All the patches are related to mouse and keyboard event handling. They
may be not "very good" so I would appreciate any related thoughts
(perhaps you are already working on that or have some concrete plans
of implementation).

Also in my project I decided to use the NSDrawer control. As I see
currently there are no implementation of SWT wrappers for it. Thus
I've coded a quite simple implementation of it (I've attached the
patch). Please share your thoughts on it. Do you have any plans
regarding drawers and adding their implementation into the toolkit?

Mikhail Kalugin

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