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Re: [platform-swt-dev] timeline/schedule

Ha, 3 points:
1, the People would advice you to go to newsgroup:)
2, existed projects:
http://jaret.de, http://xpmp.de provide a calendar sample, same as jaret
ecipse nebula widgets (soooorry for always not corret remember it)
sf.net aspencloud.calypso project seem not alive.but as 3
3, gef implementation by yourself. IMHO, the best way. indeed, I do do it, planing to contribute:)


2008/4/10, Javier Godinez <godinezj@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hey guys/gals,

I am trying to build a timeline/schedule application where one can
choose a start and end date and populate the timeline with events of
different types. The events should be draggable as to extend the time
interval as well as to shift the dates (move both start and end
dates). I am just wondering which widget/widgets would be the best to
use. I am thinking I can use some sort of canvas? Does anyone know
anything that has similar functionality? Here is an image of what I'm
talking about: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25490294@N02/2401496683/


Javier Godinez
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