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[platform-swt-dev] MacOSX OpenGL Bindings

I've been using OpenGL on a fairly large RCP application on Windows and 
Linux for some time now.  Recently, we've begun porting our application to 
Mac OSX.  However, we've hit a snag with the OpenGL bindings because we 
need it to run on the newer Intel-based hardware.  The OpenGL page on 
eclipse does not seem to have that package (having only the PPC version). 
Is there a way to get it pre-built as in the cases?  Also, I was not able 
to find the source code for it under the dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/eclipse. 
 There is the system-independent project org.eclipse.swt.opengl and the 
platform dependent ones like org.eclipse.swt.opengl.{gtk/motif/win32} but 
no macosx. 

Any help would be appreciated including redirecting me to another forum.