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R: [platform-swt-dev] Interaction between views

Thanks for your reply...I'm know the Observer pattern but my classes already implements other classes (ex: ViewPart and Composite because on talk about views)...how I can extend Observable if I already extend ViewPart?

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There is many approaches to do that thing. I suggest use Observer Observable pattern. There is an implementation in JDK API the class is called Observer and Observable. See in javadoc, i think an example is provided, or if you want can contact with me and i would explain how to do.

El dj 23 de 11 del 2006 a les 06:10 -0800, en/na Francesca va escriure:
I'm a new developer on swt and I just subscribe this newsgroup. This my first post!
I have a problem:
I want a perspective with 2 view: A view to login and a view to content-area.
The first view contains fields as username&password and 2 button (login and logout); the second view contains text, images, etc...for logged user.
At start time, only the login view is visible (at left on the workbench). The user type credentials and if they are ok the second view activate (at right on the workbench). When the user finish, he push the logout button in the first view and the content view deactivate. 
My question is about the events notifier...How I can pass my events between view if I want loose copling?
Sorry for probably confusion and for my bad english (I'm italian) and thank's for attention.

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