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[platform-swt-dev] scroll event for synchronization of 2 scrolls

Hi Everyone,

     Just want to ask for assistance in the following

     I have a scroll event listener of one composite
(not a browser). Inside this, I want to access the
scroll of a browser on another composite and make them
synchronize. That is, if I move the scroll of the 1st
composite, the scroll in the 2nd one moves as well.
What I'm doing is:
     Event listener of scroll of 1st composite{
     (get scroll of the 2nd composite)
           .setSelection(selection of the 1st
composite's scroll)

But, I'm getting a null pointer exception. I've
noticed that the scroll here should be declared as
final. Does this have something to do with the

     Am I on the right track? Do you have any other
ideas on how I can do such a synchronization?

     Thank you very much for future responses.


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