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RE: [platform-swt-dev] Overriding perspective generation

Pratik, please post questions like this to the ecilpse.platform.rcp 

"Parikh,Pratik" <Pratik.Parikh@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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07/01/2005 04:03 PM
Please respond to
"Eclipse Platform SWT component developers list."

"Eclipse Platform SWT component developers list." 

RE: [platform-swt-dev] Overriding perspective generation

sorry it is WorkbenchWindow#createDefaultContents, which is called by 
hope i did not confuse anyone,

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Subject: [platform-swt-dev] Overriding perspective generation

Hi Everyone, 
    I have a unique situation, we are trying to extend some of the 
perspective generation code. Where by to do that we are overriding 
createWindowContents on WorkbenchWindow.java. But the problem that I am 
facing while doing that is that I call the 
super.createWindowContent(shell). And do my extention ui stuff by 
retrieving the defaultlayout, using something like this shell.getLayout(). 
Now when I am done overriding stuff everything is added, but the 
clientarea that was orginally generated by the super class is laying on 
top of my ui. I looked at the code for WorkbenchWindow#createWindowContent 
and I want to remove the clientarea that is being genrated by the 
workbenchwindow#createWindowsContent, before adding my components. Can 
anyone please guide me in the right direction? Please help ?
Parikh, Pratik 


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