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Re: [platform-swt-dev] "missing" tool tips

Please enter a bug report with a small stand alone snippet the shows the problem.  Thanks!

Nikolai Avteniev <nikolai.avteniev@xxxxxxxxx>
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06/01/2005 03:42 PM

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Nikolai Avteniev and "Eclipse Platform SWT component developers list."

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[platform-swt-dev] "missing" tool tips

I've just upgraded to the 3.1 version of eclipse and noticed that tool
tip text doesn't show up.
I tried setting tool tips on different controls Label, Button, Text
but I still can't get them to show.  Do show sometimes but I can't
figure out how what action make them come up.  I've debugged into the
SWT source and everything seems to be working but still no tool tips.

This tool tips showed up just fine under the SWT implementation used
in eclipse 3.0.2.  Has anyone run into the same problem?

I'm running on Windows XP.
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