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[platform-swt-dev] How to design collapsable composites

Hi all,


I wanted to design a palette similar to ones in WTP. Idea is to add composites and toolbars to a SashForm and then handle clicks on the toolbars to collapse/hide the composites(toolbars are visible). For this I handle the click on toolbar and accordingly set the composite visible/invisible. Now this wont give a neat collapsing effect but still would achieve the purpose. For this I extend the SashForm so that composites and their toolbars can be added to this new container and collapsing behavior can be embedded inside the new container. For this my new container I need to be updated whenever a composite or toolbar is added to it. I couldn't find a listener for this. In Swing I'd have overridden something like add(just for showing similarity o.w. there were other options there to achieve this).


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Also if there is already a container to achieve the paletter effect then that will surely ease the task for me.