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[platform-swt-dev] Setting DPI on Mac OS X

I have a project that is based on SWT that I'm trying to port to Mac OS X.
My problem is that all the fonts are too small.  I suspect this would
change if I could somehow set the Display to have the proper DPI; Mac OS X
is still brain-dead and reports that you have a 72 dpi display even if
your display resolution in much higher (I'm running this program at 100+

My first flash of insight was to extend org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display
but, of course, that can't be done. I can't find anything in the
documentation or Google about overriding this value.  I guess I can
comb through the source, but if someone knows the answer to this,
please let me know.

Incidentally, the fonts are readable on Windows, so I'm guessing that the
font rendering engine actually pays attention to this setting.  If not, it
would be nice to know that too so I don't go down a dead-end path.


Nick Matsakis