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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Printer doesn't stretch any B&W images.

Please open a bug report with this info.

Thanks! Silenio

Arnaud De Muyser <ademuyser@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: platform-swt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
07/08/2004 09:10 AM
Please respond to


[platform-swt-dev] Printer doesn't stretch any B&W images.


I've seen in Eclipse's search that sometimes, few printer doesn't print 
images (transparent one ?). 

I'm experimenting a problem with few images printed by my program, it 
appear that the one I create from a byte array (by code), 
aren't stretched by printer. 
I use same code to draw images on gc (created from Display or Printer): 
          gc.drawImage( _img, 0,0,oiw,oih, x,ys,iw,ih ); 
where oiw,oih are size of image, and iw,ih are size of image rescaled to 
device (using dpi factors). 
This code is used to tile images (I'em trying to render a filled 

Here is a screen shot (images drawn to display): 

And here is a scan of the print I got, as you can see first image is 
correctly rescaled, but second one not : 
(sorry for the bad resolution, but obviously second images aren't 

the only difference I can see is the way I create images: 
- first comes from a file : 
        new Image( device, "D:\\tmp\test_image2.png" ); 
- second comes from a byte array, here is the piece of code I use: 
  private static Image getPattern( Device device, RGB _fore, RGB _back, 
byte pattern_[] ) 
      RGB rgb[] = new RGB[] { _back, _fore };//_back }; 
      PaletteData pal = new PaletteData( rgb ); 
      ImageData data = new ImageData(64,64,1,pal,1, pattern_ ); 
      data.transparentPixel = 0; 
      Image img_pat_ = new Image( device, data ); 
      return img_pat_; 

Perhaps the way I create image is wrong ? 
I'm not sure this printing problem is due to  SWT or if the postscript 
interpreter can't handle correctly this kind of images... 
[this will be very strange for a recent laser printer of a well known 
company .. ;-)] 

Is there any one facing this kind of behaviour ? 
Thanks a lot. 


PS: here is the generated postcript code :

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