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Re: [platform-swt-dev] How to hook the "Ctrl+Win" key

i have logged 55236 against SWT requesting generic support for a fifth
modifier key.

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The matter is:

Is it the only way that I have to review those bundles of SWT source codes
to map the Win key?


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> Wednesday, March 17, 2004, 10:38:08 AM, David Goodenough wrote:
> > Actually under KDE on Linux (Debian for what it matters) I use the
> > Win key to select KDE desktops.  X-Windows can qite easily recognise
> > this key, and the other WIndows key and you can map it as you
> > require.
> > David
> > On Wednesday 17 March 2004 14:49, Steve Northover wrote:
> >> You will need to hack SWT to get this and/or write platform specific
> >>  The "Win" key is obvioulsy Windows specific and is not modeled on the
> >> other platforms.
> To me, it wouldn't be contrary to SWT's goals to provide a key binding
> for that key.  Listeners for that key would obviously not get it on
> some platforms, but I don't see the harm in providing key codes for
> the Win key, the Apple key, etc., for those apps that want to leverage
> those keys.  For instance, an application might want to use the Win
> key with a Windows keyboard and the Apple key on an Apple keyboard for
> the same purpose.
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