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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xHEX)!

Mulitple Displays are not used by Eclipse because they are not supported on all platforms.  On X/Motif, due to the problems with XInitThreads(), we used Java locking. This was achieved by synchronizing almost all of the methods in the class OS.  The methods that were not synchronized involved sleeping.  Go check the code.

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03/17/2004 09:24 AM

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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xHEX)!


This kind of error is almost certainly caused by multiple threads in Xlib.  Graphics operation can happen from any thread.  It is only widget operations that need to execute in the UI thread.  SWT/Fox needs to deal with this hopefully using the "Fox threading story" (whatever that is).  In the past, we tried to use Xlib's XInitThreads() for the X/Motif port but this caused hangs in other components (Printing, Input Method Editor) because the locks were not re-entrant.  There were other reasons that XInitThreads() could not be used that escape me but could probably be found by searching Bugzilla.

Thanks, I'll search for XInitThreads() in the bugbase.
The "Fox threading story" is like the "SWT threading story" in that you can call into UI components only from the thread that spins the message loop.
Fox is further restricted in that there can be only one UI thread in the application (the loop is spinned in the application object which is holded in a static var, referenced everywhere).
Does Eclipse 3.0, by any chance, try to create more than one Display instance (in different threads)?
More than one UI thread (ala SWT/Win32) is not supported in SWT/Fox, but I can't recall at the moment what happens if the user tries to do so.
Note: Stuff like Display.executySync, display.executeAsync, Display.wake, Display.sleep etc. is already correctly implemented in SWT/Fox so it is not some major rule I've failed to notice - it runs Eclipse 2.X after all!