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[platform-swt-dev] 64-bit SWT 3.0?

I am interested in getting Eclipse to run on a 64-bit environment (namely 
Linux x86_64 on an Opteron based server). Blackdown released a JDK 1.4.2 for 
this platform about a month ago and both IBM and Sun has declared that they 
will be releasing JDK's during this year.

I have seen the efforts made to make SWT 2.x 64-bit and I have used the 2.1 
patch as a base for the work I have done so far on the 3.0M6 code. However, 
there are some amount of manual work involved in getting all the changes in 
there so I have some more hours of conversion to finish before I can get it 
to fly.

I see that 64 bits are on the 3.0 overall plan for SWT but it is not indicated 
to be in progress. Is there anyone there who have done it, doing it or 
planning to do it?

I am willing to put in some work to help out with this. I believe I have the 
knowledge, the time and the hardware to be a useful resource. What is the 
best way to start helping? Completing my own work and then post the patches 
or coordinate with someone?