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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Text widget Listeners

You need the SWT.DefaultSelection event that does exactly what you want.

Bob Foster <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
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01/15/2004 04:02 PM
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aki51@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hey folks,
> So I've got a text widget that a user is filling out - when he/she hit's Enter
> (it is an SWT.SINGLE style text widget), I want an action to be performed.  It
> seems like I need a characterEvent to know what characters are being added and
> then check each event - selection, modify and verify seem to not allow me to
> look at the text and check if it ends with newline...any ideas on how I can
> detect this event?  Thanks!
> -aki-

AFAIK, the text of an SWT.SINGLE text widget won't ever end with
newline. You probably want to use a verify key listener.


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