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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Tab Focus Chain

The standard key to move from button to button on Motif is arrow, not tab.
Try any native dialog.

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Try if u can running the attached this program on solaris/motif.
This is a very simple program with 6 buttons, i want that my focus shoud
move acrros on buttins on tabbing, but it is not hapenning...
i do not know the reason why...
any help will be higly appreciated, ..i am in a bit hurry to get a fix for


James Wendel wrote:
            Running well. No obvious problems other than some poor default
            font choices. A significant number of low level performance
            improvements were made in release 2.1. Support for DBCS was
            added in 2.1. Accessibility support is still required.

      This is a quote from:

      There is no accessibility support, which is probably the issue you
      are running into.


      Aparup Banerjee wrote:
            Hello Guys,

            Can  any body tell me, that whether default tab focus chain is
            maintained in SWT, when run on Solaris.
            What i mean is that, if i have a SWT screen with components sat
            x1, x2, x3, ....added to the main shell in that order, whether,
            i should expect that,
            the focus chain should be like x1, x2...??
            In my my case, the focus is getting locked on x1, and it is not
            moving any further..??
            What could be the reason??

            Thanks in Advance

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      http://dev.eclipse.org/mailman/listinfo/platform-swt-dev import
      import java.awt.Button;
      import java.awt.GridLayout;
      import java.awt.Frame;

      public class BasicLayoutTest{

                   public static void main(String[] args){
                   Panel panel = new Panel();
                   Frame frame = new Frame();
                   panel.setLayout(new GridLayout(3,2));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 1"));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 2"));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 3"));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 4"));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 5"));
                   panel.add(new Button(" Button 6"));