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[platform-swt-dev] [ANN] Eclipse SWT/Fox plugin available (pre-alpha)

(This is posted in the newsgroup as well.)
SWT/Fox reached a stage where it can (almost) run Eclipse.

There are still *lots* of bugs, some of them are serious showstoppers
(crashes, focusing problems, redraw problems) that will prevent one from
running Eclipse for everyday work. I'll try to fix them ASAP.

Nevertheless, I welcome everyone willing to try it out, to go to SWT/Fox
home page, http://swtfox.sf.net .

Note that there's a SWT/Fox Plugin Update Site as well, so updating
Eclipse to use SWT/Fox shouldn't be a problem. Check the home page for
more details.

There are Fox/Win32 & Fox/Linux/x86 versions of the port uploaded. 
Note that the Fox/Win32 port is for testing purposes only.  

The real target of the port is Fox + *nix + X11.

Since SWT/Fox is very unstable and not (yet) appropriate for daily work,
please, make a backup of your workspace directory _and_ start with a clean
one before updating Eclipse with the plugin. 

I welcome any volunteer that wants to code/test/give suggestions etc.
Probably the most useful thing would be if someone with access to 64b Unix
(Solaris/Sparc, anyone?) steps up and tries to carry out the build
procedure on such machine. 

In theory SWT/Fox is 64b clean and it should run anywere Posix + X11 are

P.S. Once you've installed SWT/Fox in Eclipse, you can activate it by
runing Eclipse this way: 'eclipse -ws fox' 

P.S. Users of older Linux distributions (pre gcc 3.2) may encounter
problems running SWT/Fox, because at the moment it is not statically
linked with libc++. (I haven't succeeded yet in convincing Ant/CPPTasks to
link *some* libraries statically.)


P.S. Anyone interested?