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[platform-swt-dev] SWT port for Swing (progress)


In addition to the general library, I provide a test application that 
demonstrates what is working up to now.
This is still in development stage, but one can test the current status 
with this test application. It is in the website in the "release" area 
under binaries.

Now here is what works:
- Branching to Swing's event dispatch thread works. It is then processed 
on demand from the SWT event pump.
- Layouts work. Components are added correctly.
- Buttons (radio, check, toggle, push, arrow [not tested]) are 
- Menus, menu items are working, even mnemonics and accelerators.
- Basic Control handling is there, as well as shells, Composites and 
- Progress bar works.
- Dialog boxes, file chooser (maybe some return types are weird, but 
it's being adjusted) are there.
- Cursors are implemented, even the ones that do not exist in the Java 
implementation (I designed some icons for that case)
- The graphic context is mostly implemented: the CLabel class works, 
providing a status line.
- The look and feel to use is the native by default, or the one defined 
in a system property.
- Sash is supported.
- Tab folders are supported.
- Scrolling of Composite (but not subclasses yet, though it is easy to 
add now) The ScrolledComposite class works for example.
- Tables. I also made it possible to double click between column headers 
to pack the column. Check boxes can be displayed and work. Scroll bars 
are supported. Gray checkboxes are not yet supported though.
- Trees. Check boxes are working, but gray boxes are not supported yet.
- Combo box (even when using the SWT.SIMPLE style)
- Scale 

For more detail, check on the website: 

Let me know if you have some comments.

Best Regards,