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Re: [platform-swt-dev] building SWT on linuxPPC

Hallo Derek,

* Derek Anderson wrote:
>hey, is there anyone who can point me to directions/instructions for
>building the SWT libraries on linux for PPC processors?  (using GTK)

If you are on debian:
apt-get source -b libswt-java
-> SWT jars: /usr/share/java
-> .so Files: usr/lib/jni/

If you want to have a look: The building takes place in 
debian/build-native.sh, the makefile is in 

get the sourceincluded build (or just the swt ones), adjust the
makefile (checkout the latest, at least here the 2.1 makefile
doesn't work due to errors in the gtk config files; You also need 
to adjust two variables so that they point to JAVA_HOME instead of 
the dir on the swt build maschine)

And then it's a simple make...

It's a bit funny, as the libs will go into a subdir x86 (when you 
are using eclipse and not only swt), but I didn't want to have a 
look if I can combine ppc and linux... BTW, tehre are more things 
to compile nativly, if you want to use eclipse on Linux PowerPC...