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Re: [platform-swt-dev] MacOS X support in 3.0

Kind of an off=topic yet related question... when you download a new version
of Eclipse, how do you have it use your existing projects. I've acquired
about a dozen workspace directories and I'm endlessly importing existing
projects from various old directories into the current downloaded Eclipse
workspace directory.

On 5/29/03 12:00 PM, "Craig Pugsley" <craigpugsley@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Get a nightly or 2.1.1 build and add your comments to the PR.  Include
>> the
>> hardware you are running
>> and amount of memory.
> Well, hush my mouth. I've just downloaded the nightly build and it is
> considerably faster and more responsive. The menus activate more
> responsively, files open quicker, changing tabs is more streamline...
> excellent work people!!
> Let's see how much further we can push it for 3.0!
> I'll file a new PR if I find anything major.
> Well done everyone