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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Support for JSR-198 (was SWT port for Swing!)

Mike Wilson wrote:
I really dislike the characterization of SWT as "not pure Java". The truth of the matter is that, SWT is closer to being written in pure Java than AWT is. At least in SWT, most of the interesting work is done above the level of the natives.

There is a world of difference between Java binaries and native binaries. And 100% Pure Java is not simply a marketing slogan.

I agree that the implementation approach used for the AWT toolkits in Sun's JDK & JRE was (and is) deeply flawed (ditto for most of the rest of the non-JVM code in the JDK).

I also agree SWT's approach to host system API and implementing the toolkit layer in Java is superior. That is why I care about SWT at all, because I see it as important that Java adopt a standard method for writing code for the operating system-specific APIs. Clearly it will benefit the GUI situation.

The real problem, which you see as "pure Java-ness", is just that the SWT libraries don't ship with the standard Java installs. It makes more sense to attempt to fix that problem than it does to code an SWT on top of AWT. Ugh.

I agree again. That is going to require a JSR to go through the JCP. And part of that effort is bound to the requirement for a SWT implementation that is 100% Pure Java, at least back to the level of JDK 1.2 compatibility (JDK 1.1 would be even better).

It will also require an AWT-SWT interoperability API that functions equivalently regardless of whether it is the SWT or AWT which is implemented natively (having both native is a special problem but certainly could use the same API).

Derek Anderson wrote:
... This project is open source. Please feel free to implement that
feature you so desire, and contribute it back to the community. ...

I have been committed for many years to Open Source Java GUI API and was (am?) the Netscape DevEdge Champion for IFC. It is/was a really great GUI and a builder tool that has yet to be surpassed. Yet it died as result of bad decisions by both Sun and (I believe) IBM. I'ld hate to see that happen to SWT, Java's last best hope for fixing the GUI.


My contribution to SWT/Eclipse was Motif and GTK+ ports for Mac OS X. They garnered no interest (and deservedly so I suppose):