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RE: GUI Builders (WAS: [platform-swt-dev] From Swing to SWT)

I'll bite ;)

I'm working on a UI builder that'll support AWT/Swing and SWT. I'm also
planning on supporting building XMLTalk. Eventually I want it to support
web interfaces as well...

-- Scott

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> Subject: GUI Builders (WAS: [platform-swt-dev] From Swing to SWT)
> In the wake of the conversation about GUI Builders, can we sum up just
> by listing the various GUI Builder efforts out there for SWT (I don't
> care about AWT/Swing for now)?  *This is not a re-hash the
> builder-approach thread*.
> I am curious what Eclipse plugins there may be in process that don't
> necessarily show on the project web site.
> BradO
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