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Re: SWT History and Design Decisions (WAS: [platform-swt-dev] AWT Toolkit using SWT (was: From Swing to SWT))

Can sombody please explain to me why it is not possible to build a GUI designer in SWT.
I've been following the discussions here, but I haven't realy heard an answer. On the properties pattern thing. Does setData(String key, Object value)  solve your problem? And since SWT is native widgets How does Visual Studio do it?

Lane Sharman wrote:
Please do, Christian. I would like to work with you on your GUI projects making Conga and/or Eclipse a factor in your success.

The bigger enemy is Microsoft doing to Java what it did to Netscape. I really see this as the primal threat to Java right now. If Java cannot succeed with deployable apps on the desktop. Any desktop. We have lost where MS has its achilles heel. This is the only place where we can blunt the MS monopoly.

I am supportive of Eclipse and want to create a Builder derived from Conga. I just need to find the point of initial design to do so. In the meantime, I will continue to work on Conga's all-java Builder.


Christian Gruber wrote:
Must check out Conga...


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AWT Toolkit using SWT (was: From Swing to SWT))

It is so interesting how over time we come to a common knowledge space 
about engineering principles. Many moons ago, I was looking at 
controllers and widgets and said, ah hah! We need an adapter which 
easily propagates the lifecyle, action and property set of a widget. 
Thus was borne the adapter property in the base class of the Conga 
widget set.

indicates the basic structure of the Conga adapter interface.

An adapter implementation will provide bi-directional association and 
flow of messages between the widget adapted and the from the 
presentation controller.



Christian Gruber wrote:

... which is half the reason it feels so right to me... based on a
SmallTalk GUI approach... hmmm.... yummy.

Seriously, though.  My previous e-mail about using adaptors should fit
quite nicely, as it was developed for a similar system.


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SWT originally was developed by OTI as an internal toolkit for use in
building its VisualAge Micro Edition IDE.  The SWT API evolved out of
the widget classes found in VisualAge Smalltalk.  At the time of its
development, Swing was limping along at version 1.0, and OTI was able
to build SWT quickly due to the fact that it was essentially a port
>from its Smalltalk work.  I.e. I don't think the original intent was
to develop a reusable externally available toolkit.  But since it
turned out so well, it seemed like something others would want: a good
performing widget toolkit that used a mix of native and custom

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