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[platform-swt-dev] Introduction


I wanted to introduce myself, and ask a simple question about needs of
the SWT development group and project.  My name is Brad O'Hearne, I'm a
developer in Irvine, CA, and I am currently embarking on heavy SWT
research and development for some writing I am doing.  I would like to
get to know the dev bunch here through list interaction, and
occasionally bounce various questions off you.  I do not know what the
immediate needs of the SWT development effort are, but I would like to
be involved, to the degree that I can while my other aforementioned
project is ongoing.  If someone could give me a brief update (or direct
me to a doc) of where the dev effort is at, and needs that exist, since
I will be examining source code anyway, perhaps I can chip in somewhere.

Anyway, glad to make your acquaintance.  :-)