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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Mac OS X port: native Tree/TreeItem

>I´m frustrated and angry to see how far you succeeded implementing a
>native Tree/TreeItem on OS X.
>You never asked how far my implementation is or whether I stopped
>the development.
>In your mail you clearly state I should go on with my
>implementation. So why did you do it by yourself then?


Sorry if there was miscommunication.  The first I heard about your work on
the tree was in your posting of November 20 to which I replied that we were
doing similar work in the stream carbon_work (see below) .

We really wanted to get as many native widgets implemented for the Mac as
possible for M4.  We were already using the DataBrowser widget in our
implementation of List and once you have delved into DataBrowser you might
as well go all the way.  We are still not quite happy with our
implementation of the native table and tree and so are currently using an
emulated version in the Mac downloads.  If you would like to contribute to
the missing areas, please post patch files against the contents in HEAD.

It is quite a challenge to work across multiple sites and coordinate with
independent contributors.  Any suggestions on how to improve this are
welcome.  I would recommend providing frequent updates on your progress and
providing code submissions at regular intervals.

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>at the moment i don´t want to deal with any HIView stuff, i´m still
>struggling to set up the native tree.

As part of our effort to support more native widgets, we are also trying to
add the native Tree.  Just thought I would let you know so that you do not
duplicate too much effort.  You can see our progress in the carbon_work

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Am Mittwoch, 20.11.02 um 23:46 Uhr schrieb Andre Weinand:

>> i installed the M3 drop of eclipse for mac os x.2 and started the
>> fileviewer of org.eclipse.swt.examples.
>> i was shocked to see the table on the right hand side doesn´t get
>> updated, when a new directory is being selected.
>> i use os x.2.2 and started the example with the SWT_JDK by AW. the
>> last build i tested was with os x.1 and everything worked fine there.
>> is it just some inconsitency in the examples or is it something else?
>> did i something wrong?
> Yes, I see the same behavior.
> As Veronika has explained in a previous posting, the MacOS X port of
> SWT in M3 was reverted to the M1 state + patches. Quite a few fixes
> done after M1 are not part of the M3 build.
> If you are interested in these fixes and other enhancements, you can
> build your own SWT based on the version 'CARBON_HIView'. However, the
> DataBrowser does not work with HIViews yet.
> --andre
thanks for your fast response.
at the moment i don´t want to deal with any HIView stuff, i´m still
struggling to set up the native tree.
but there´s another thing: the curly bracket "{" doesn´t work in
eclipse. "}" works fine.  just another one of the fixes that didn´t
make it to M3 ?
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