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Re: [platform-swt-dev] SWT and OpenGL


We have something in the works.  A project has been created that provides
bindings for OpenGL functions and a set of examples similar to the swt
control example.  We plan to release these in the near future in a separate
experimental package that won't be part of the main swt package.


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I am an SWT new-b so apologies if this is redundant.  I looked through the
SWT FAQ, the eclipse.tools archive, and this list's archives and couldn't
find any discussion on combining SWT and OpenGL.  I did see a mention of
OpenGL on one of the SWT developer pages under "2.1 Developer Effort -
Milestone 2 (October 18, 2002)" but couldn't find any further discussion.

So I'm wondering if someone has thought of a cross-platform way to combine
SWT with OpenGL.  I might be able to make a quick hack that works
specifically on Windows but I'd like to have cross-platform if possible.
I've looked at Gl4Java (www.jausoft.com/gl4java.html) but the primary
is currently provided as an AWT component.  I haven't looked at how much
work it would be to modify this to use an SWT component.

Is there an existing solution for OpenGL and SWT?  Alternately, does
have one in the works?


(Note: I did consider posting to eclipse.tools but decided this is
potentially more of a general SWT implementation issue)

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