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[platform-swt-dev] installing on Jaguar

I'm following the installation instructions and I'm not seeing what the
instructions say that I should be seeing.

I'm at the point where I have the 'Show Package Contents' folder open for
Eclipse 2.0. The next instruction is:

­ Drill down to 'Contents/Resources/Java' and copy the contents of
   the previously opened folder 'eclipse' into the folder 'Java'
   (if the 'Contents' folder is disabled and you cannot open it,
   just log-out and log-in again or use the command line)

When I try to copy the contents of the eclipse folder to the Java folder,
the contents aren't copied to the Java folder - instead they go to the top
level Eclipse 2.0 folder.

After deleting the win32 swt plugin, the next instruction is:

­ Copy the three MacOS X plugins into 'Contents/Resources/Java/plugins'


I don't seem to have a Contents/Resources/Java/plugins. My plugins folder is
under Eclipse 2.0.

Am I doing something wrong?