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[platform-swt-dev] Scroll wheel support in M3 build on OS X

I just downloaded the M3 build of Eclipse (OS X) - and even in spite of the forthcoming rebuild of the SWT, it's still looking a lot better than the previous milestones. I also was surprised to see that mouse scroll-wheel support is enabled in this milestone (don't remember it working before), and to think that I had heard that scroll-wheel support wouldn't work on any java application until 1.4.1 was released.

Anyway, its working. :) Very nice. Now for the "but" part. I noticed that if I scroll rapidly thru something, like the text editor, or if the Package Explorer perspective is very long, then the view will get corrupted, with blocks of stuff appearing where it shouldn't be appearing. Its hard for me to explain, but basically it's not refreshing correctly. If I do the same with by moving the scrollbar with the mouse, no corruption occurs at all, so it would seem to indicate a problem with the mousewheel support itself.

Otherwise, great job. You've saved me $2000 by deciding that I don't need to upgrade to JBuilder 8. :)