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Re: [platform-swt-dev] junit on OS X

If you are in the Java or in the Debug perspective you should have  two "
Running Man icon". One is for running external tools (there is a red
toolbox behind the running man in the icon, right ?) and the another (for
launching Java application) is the one  you are looking for.


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On 7/16/02 12:16 PM, "Andre Weinand" <weinand@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Select the class 'TestRunner' in the Package Explorer and click on
> the arrow in the 'Running Man' toolbar button. In the pulldown menu
> select 'Run As.../Java Application".

I'm not seeing the same thing that you are. In the Package Explorer, I
navigate to junit.swingui.TestRunner. When I select either the .class file
or the class itself, I don't see anything in the Running Man icon other
an option to configure external tools.

> BTW: JUnit is built into Eclipse: open the New wizard and you find a
> JUnit category under Java.

Yes, I found that - even made a test case using the wizard. Still can't run
it from eclipse, although junit runs fine from the command line so I'm
currently just switching between eclispse and junit.

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