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Re: [platform-swt-dev] SWT + WinCE ?

User questions should be posted to the eclipse.tools newsgroup.

You should use Eclipse to connect to the dev.eclipse.org CVS repo and grab one of the drops of org.eclipse.swt and org.eclipse.swt.win32 to get everything you need.  The only difference between the win32 and winCE versions of SWT is the DLL file, so be sure to copy the right one over to your device.  Also, keep in mind that the only versions of WinCE officially supported are PocketPC and PocketPC 2000.  If you need further info, please use the newsgroup.

And to everyone else, sorry for screwing up the To: field on my two replies to Carolyn on that getting started thread. :-(

David Whiteman
OTI Raleigh

Max Kalina <_max_@xxxxxx>
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05/20/2002 09:54 AM
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may be it's just a stupid question, but..
how can develop WinCE applications using SWT-library ?

thnx :)

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