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Re: [platform-swt-dev] gtk port

The screen shot looks like the properties page is not layed out properly. 
There should be a tab folder with a table widget and a bunch of buttons. 
Instead there's only one black pixel which suggests that the tab folder 
didn't get sized to the proper size. As far as I know windows can't have a 
0, 0 size on Motif so you probably see a 1, 1 size tab folder.
Like David mentions there are problems with SWT running on KDE (2 ? KDE 
1.1.2 works fine for me). Normally though, if you have problems, windows 
don't paint at all until you resize or move them. 
You could try resizing the properties dialog to find out if your problem 
is related.


Havoc Pennington <hp@xxxxxxxxxx>
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11/16/01 03:34 PM
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"Carolyn MacLeod/OTT/OTI" <Carolyn_MacLeod@xxxxxxx> writes: 
> No problem, but you might get faster answers for general Eclipse
> questions if you post to the Eclipse Corner newsgroup, because there
> are way more people reading that. The newsgroup address is:
>         news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.tools
> But you need a password to access it, so go to:
>         http://www.eclipsecorner.org/newsgroups/index.html
> to request a password.

Seems down at the moment, so I'll pester you guys just a bit more if I
can get away with it. ;-)

> Hmmm - very strange. Compatibility.java has not changed in a month,
> and you should have .class files in your bin directory (you are
> correct about the location). I suspect strongly that the compile
> did not actually happen.

Is there some way I can get a log of what commands Eclipse is running
to compile the project, and what output they're giving? I'm not sure
how to go about debugging the problem - if I choose Rebuild All
Eclipse gives every indication that it is in fact rebuilding, I just
don't have any .class files when it's done.
> By the way, you are correct that you need to select org.eclipse.swt
> in the projects page of the Java Build Path in the project properties.
> I am sorry I did not think to mention that earlier.

The problem I have is best shown via a screenshot:


Shouldn't there be some UI on that page of the dialog?

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