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Re: [platform-swt-dev] Porting to new architecture

You can get the swt library source from the CVS repository:


"Colin R Devilbiss" <devilbis@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: platform-swt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
11/13/01 04:33 PM
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        Subject:        [platform-swt-dev] Porting to new architecture

I'm trying to port Eclipse to a non-Intel (PowerPC) Linux with OpenMotif
and have recompiled the launcher and found the correct JVM for it to run.

However, I get an error that I can't link to
org.eclipse.swt/ws/motif/libswt-linux-2012.so because it's a little-endian
i386 library and I am on a big-endian non-i386 architecture.  The obvious
thing to do is recompile said library (like I did with
org.eclipse.core.resources/os/linux/libcore_2_0_1.so).  However, I can't
find the source anywhere in the tar I pulled down

Where should I be looking? The swtsrc.zip has a lot of java source in it,
but no C-language files like the ones used to generate the other
platform-dependent code (launcher and libcore.so); where else can I look?

Thanks in advance.

Colin DeVilbiss
IBM eServer iSeries Linux Development

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