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[platform-swt-dev] gtk port


I'm one of the GTK developers, and would like to have a look at the
GTK port and see how I can help out. There are a couple barriers I'm

 - I've heard there's a start on a GTK port (mentioned recently in the
   archives), but I can't find that in the downloaded zip file - I
   don't want to duplicate effort, so I'd like to see that code before
   diving in - would that be possible? I've already been looking at
   the Motif port a bit to get familiar with SWT.

 - this may simply be my lack of Java skills, but I'm not sure how to
   go from changing some of the code in the downloaded zip, to running
   a new executable based on my modified copy.  Can someone point me
   in the right direction? How do I test changes?