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[platform-releng-dev] M-builds re-scheduled for 11 AM and 1 PM today

The permissions for jdt.core have been fixed via bug 379652 [1]

So, I will try some more builds today. I'll first just try re-running them,
but would not be too surprised if I had to do it again after cleaning some caches on build machine.

So, we'll try 3,8.1 for 11 AM, 4.2.1 for 1 PM.

I'll still let the N build run this evening, but doubt all its unit tests will run before Sat. night Hudson restart.
(We'll be lucky if the M build unit tests finish by then :/


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=379652

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Date:        07/19/2012 01:49 PM
Subject:        [platform-releng-dev] both maintenance builds failed this morning        ...
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Tracking in bug
Bug 385536 - 7/19 maintenance builds failed mysteriously

In brief, maps on build machine think one version of jdt.core should exist in repo, but from what I can see, it really does not exist.  As if the build machine clones of repo are somehow "incorrect".

I'll look around a bit more, but first may just retry. I'd expect that to fail, and if does, I think I'll just wipeout the local gitCache to be sure we have fresh/correct versions.

Also, since both failed in same way, and both had messages similar to

406 fatal: Unable to create
Permission denied

I'm wondering if the permissions of that repo were accidentally changed so "e4Build" ID can no longer write to it?

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