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[platform-releng-dev] Reminder we have a "technical rebuild" for 4.2 scheduled for 3 PM Eastern

As I briefly mentioned in status meeting, we do need to rebuild 4.2 one last time ... just to make sure it is built "last", after 3.8 ... just to make sure some branding bundle versions have right monotonic relationship [1]. (Yes, we know ... pretty hacky). But, there should be no differences in the contents of the build's code ... I'll sanity check that with some "diffs" but should not require retesting, or anything.

I mention this now, in case anyone is considering a request for respin, to say so now, and we won't waste doing the "technical rebuild" yet. Well, that, and so you won't be surprised to see a new build show up this evening.

Thanks all,

[1] Bug 379493 - Some 4.2. features and its feature branding plug-ins have lower version than in 3.8