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[platform-releng-dev] A first "test" 4.2 N build on build.eclipse.org

I think the 4.2 N build is now working .... that is, it completes without build errors :)

If any of you have time to sanity check that it is really building the content from "master", that'd be great. (Except for 3 repos, where it should build from the head of R4_HEAD ... you know who you are :)


I did confirm it has e4 bundles in it ... figure that's a good sign ... it has 436 bundles (if I'm counting right, the I build had 437?) ...   (the last 3.8 nightly had 403 bundles) and it has about 330 bundles that have the qualifier the same as the build Id (N20120413-1252) which I am assuming matches expectations (the rest being 3rd party or other "pre-built" bundles).

I still have some work to do to get it all automated, but in parallel, if any of you see problems/issues with what's there, please make notes in bug 376182


Assuming no one raises major issues, looks like we'll have "nightlies" next week as planned.