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[platform-help-dev] launch help using product configuration


I want to launch the help system, but only after my nice splash screen.

I almost got that and to be short, here is my environment:





Product id  : myproductid
application : helpApplication

and here what happens:

0. eclipse.exe
1. Splash is shown.
2. In background, without any window, tomcat is launched. 
3. Splash is still there.

At this time, I go to Firefox and I'm able to navigate the help system

and here what I expected

0. eclipse.exe
1. Splash is shown.
2. Splash disappear.
3. Help window is displayed, and I can navigate.

I did some investigation in the StandaloneHelp and helpApplication
source code, but I'm not sure how to get the behavior I want.

I have three questions: 

1. Must I use API's to launch the help window?
2. Do you consider this launch approach a "standalone mode"?
3. I read in the "helpApplication javadoc" that "helpApplication" should
be used only in "standalone mode" or "infocenter" mode. Is it possible
to run the help with product configuration?

I can provide details if needed.

Thanks for your precious time.

Erik Bengtson